Michigan House drops "Religion Clause" from Matt's Safe School Law

The Michigan House of Representatives passed a version of the "Matt's Safe School Law" that drops the controversial "Religion Clause" that was forced in by a member of the Michigan branch of the American Family Association.


UPDATE: Thanks to everyone for providing your input on this matter.  The response is overwhelming.  If I could, I'd like to ask you all a very provocative question.  "Matt's Safe School Law" is named after Matt Epling, a 14-year-old student who tragically committed suicide after a bullying assualt in 2002.

The question I want to ask is this: if a student commits suicide because of bullying, should the person(s) who were bullying them be held responsible for the victim's death?

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Hot damn!  Could it be someone was actually LISTENING?!?  Someone catch me, I may faint!

Oh yeah. There was a huge amount of mainstream media coverage of this. It wasn't just fringe groups like us, who were outraged by this.

HEY! Who you callin' 'fringe'?

Can we help it if most people are stupid enough to stand out in left field?

Yeah I know what you mean Loren. They are finally doing something sane.

Thanks for posting. See also: Bullycide in America>

Good stuff, Gaytheist.  Thanks for posting the link.

Thanks Dallas - I checked the link out.

I'd say that this is a major victory for us, but as far as I can tell, Atheists didn't really do anything.

Maybe. But I watch the atheist blogosphere and this was trumpeted around everywhere there even when it was only appearing in Michigan media. Would the major news services still have picked it up and brought it into every American home? I'm sure they would have eventually, but it's quite possible that it got there as fast as it did because atheists and civil libertarians made it go viral.

Good to know the people's voice is still being heard... and that once in awhile it's even saying something intelligent.

Yes finally! Thanks for posting this Hugh.

I't so great to hear/read some good news!  :)




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