Mike Huckabee says that the Newtwon Shooting is no surprise because...

It really makes me sick when people try to exploit tragedies such as this to further their own agendas.

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Meaning HIS god and not someone else's, I suppose. I wonder if he would be prepared to make the same argument for Muslims, Jews and other denominations... Now, what a shitty god that must be, when he/she/it decides to let 20 children die a horrible death out of spite for not being praised enough!

Yeah, it doesn't even surprise me, anymore, when the religious vultures come out of the wood works, after any tragedy.

I like this idea.  When you get some idiot saying this, suggest that the problem is that Allah needs to be brought into our schools.  I'd go with something even more alien, Brahma, but the fundies who say this sort of thing would have no idea what the hell I was talking about.

Mind you, they do know that rifles and shoutguns are available at Wal-Mart!

Not so much the lack of god but the lack of FEAR of Huckabee's god ... which may scare some but not others.  I'd love to know how Huckabee would respond if a similar incident were to happen not in a school, but a church, say an RC church were a parishioner was molested as a kid and decided it was time for revenge.

I don't think that's an improbable scenario ... do you?

My favorite response to his rant on Think Progress was this quote:

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent. Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent. Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil? Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God? - Epicurus

That pretty much sums it up 

just shows how long they have insisted on bringing up the same old arguments over and over.

how about this one..religion and science both start from the same position..I.E. ignorance. its just that science has bothered to move on.

the real prob comes down to-a complete fail of the health care system (if ya dont have money ya dont get treatment) and the ready availability of guns w/out proper enforcement of existing gun laws.

I am surprised that this dosnt happen more often in this country.

mental health probs that dont get treated and the ready availability of guns.

kindof a bad combination.

Here's the easy question of the day. In this particular tragedy, who's more despicable? God or Huckabee? (Hint: only one of them actually exists).

Huckabee and the other christianist assholes who have been saying the shooting was because of secularization or lack of prayer or whatever perverted christian punishment.....  if this happened to him, he wouldn't say this.  He would be in grieving.  But I suppose he thinks he's so pure of faith and clean living that his god wouldn't do this to him.

Is there a worse thing to call him than "asshole"?  Because he's worse than the most unkempt anal orifice.

How about a festering pustule on the anal sphincter of a plague infected sewer rat. Or, you could just say he's not nice.

What do you expect from a guy who once said he wanted to indoctrinate people with David Barton's "history lessons" at gunpoint?

Huckabee cracks me up, especially when he's got Chuck Norris hanging around.

Parts of the GOP have been complaining that they lost because Romney was too moderate. I can envision a scenario where Huck runs in '16 and gets the nomination. That would truly be a gift from His Noddley Goodness. It could be so nutty that it could allow for a good secular discussion, a reality vs fantasy debate, fireworks galore.

I'm trying to think of words to describe how disgustingly ruthless it is to attempt an exploitation like that. Right now I am at a loss.




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