Mike Huckabee says that the Newtwon Shooting is no surprise because...

It really makes me sick when people try to exploit tragedies such as this to further their own agendas.

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   I know nothing of the dead shooter or his dead mother. I can only assume she was raising her boy alone without the father, and that she had guns and she taught him how to shoot them. Maybe she was this type of "end time" survivalist. The boy got deeply into video games and military hardware, and a lot of these games are "shooting" experiences.

   Some say that the boy got into a rage and killed his mother because she favored these kids over him. I'm not exactly seeing this connection, and the media did little to bring it out, if it existed at all. For some reason enough "rage" existed to kill the mother.

   Next, the boy has a confrontation with 4 adults at the school. What was this about? He later killed 3 of the adults and 1 survived. Did any of the media interview the surving adult to see what may have triggered the boy? I'm not sure. This area is confusing.

   In the actual shooting the boy kills 20 children with mega shots to each one just like the shootings in a video game. Confusion and anger seem to reign here. The media had a field day, but I'm not exactly SURE of what happened in this great tragedy.

This god which doesn't have so good of a record in protecting children in his own house and has drowned his own children now wants into our schools? Tough sell, Mike.




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