Here's a case where what Martin Luther called "that dam**d whore Reason" was totally ignored in favor of the blindest of blind faiths... and a tragedy ensued. (more here)




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And I have heard starvation is one of the more painless ways to go.

Really? Seems like one of the more awful ways to me. I'm hungry for a few hours and it's agony. I can't imagine months of getting sick, organs shutting down, muscles wasting away...

In any case, I've never really understood hunger strikes. "If you don't do what I want I'm going to hurt ... myself!"

Uh, ok. You're insane anyway and the gene pool isn't going to miss you. You starve yourself. I gotta get back to the kitchen; my steak is almost done.
If you have ever done a hunger strike, it actually gets easier and easier after awhile. But hey, I'm with you. (Damn, all I was cooking was a burger!).
From an external point of view, it seems clear that this woman was in a declining state of mental health, and should have been seeing a professional psychologist/psychiatrist. The article says that the fasts became longer and longer, and that she wouldn't allow anyone to see her (not even her husband?). That seems like mental disease to me.
So devout Christians can starve themselves to death to get to heaven faster? Well, I guess they know what they should do now. Assuming they TRULY BELIEVE the crap in their religion. Why am I guessing we won't see this fad spreading terribly fast?
You do not have to be stupid or insane to be religious but religion can provide an outlet for the expression of these conditions. Worse, it can exacerbate the problem by providing cover for them. Because of the respect accorded religious faith, people can get away with (and sometimes even be praised for) actions that otherwise might get them committed... or incarcerated.

I glanced at the article and it didn't surprise me much, but the linked page with quotes from Martin Luther on Reason I found to be profoundly disturbing. While he was clearly displeased with what was going on in the RC church, what was going on in his own twisted mind was no better, if these quotes bear any testament to his mindset and thinking processes.

What is scariest of all is that I've seen his derision of reason posted on church signs here and elsewhere, telling me that his mindset persists to the 21st century and contests against us even today.
I used to live very near Bartow in central Florida. I have never met such a high concentration of dumb-as-a-post people in my entire life. Religiously retarded rednecks, mostly. This kind of thing is to be expected in places where churches outnumber schools around 4 to 1.




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