Diocese urges opposition of controversial research (link)

Apparently as groups in South Dakota are taking actions to help their state join the rest of (the sane parts of) the nation in allowing stem cell research, the Catholic church is once again busy mucking about in other people's politics. Yet again we get the argument that immortalizing parts of embryos that are going to be destroyed and disposed of is somehow ending human life.

Seems to me the ONLY way these embryos are going to survive at all is to make their stem cells live forever in petri dishes.

I'm tempted to just stop calling them a religion and start referring to them as what they actually are: a political action committee.

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Opposition to knowledge is what the Catholic church has always been about. The more people know, the more intelligent we become, the less power the institution of the church has over others. The Pope lives like an emperor over the ignorant. That power diminishes as people become smarter.




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