MONDAY, Sept. 13 (HealthDay News) -- Infants exposed to the highest levels of thimerosal, a mercury-laden preservative that used to be found in many vaccines, were no more likely to develop autism than infants exposed to only a little thimerosal, new research finds.

The study offers more reassurance to parents who worry that vaccination raises their children's risk for autism, the researchers said.

Good to see there are still people chipping away at the anti-vaccination movement.

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Scienceblogs' Orac wrote a great piece about this.

Yes, the title's sarcasm, thank fuck.
I have one friend who is an anti-vaxer. I don't know if she ever bought into the causes-autism routine, but now she simply says the mercury can't be good for you, ergo no vaccine for her kid.

So perhaps they just change the 'why' as each "don't vaccinate your kid because _____" gets soundly debunked.
Apart from knowing how flawwed the original Andrew Wakefield study is, how loopy the anti-vaxxers are, how utterly false all of the individuals claims made turn out to be, I still reckon on of the best bits of evidence that measles vaccines don't cause autism is this study from Denmark.;

They studied a population of some half-a million children who received MMR and didn't go on to develop autism. The statistical correlation for this hypothesis was less than 1%

This almost never gets reported or referred to. The study isn't perfect but it is comprehensive. So read it and keep in the armoury.
We don't actually need any more evidence that vaccines don't cause autism; the claims that they did have been discredited.
We don't actually need any more evidence that vaccines don't cause autism; the claims that they did have been discredited.

So have the claims that there is a god. Yet some people still need more convincing.

Plus, like climategage, the original vaccines-cause-autism report got massive media coverage and water cooler gossip. The quiet retraction of said report ... not so many headlines.
When the fuss over vaccines and autism dies, another similar begins:
Ann - wow. Seems the hysteria has certainly gone from "OMG! MMR Vaccines cause Autism!" to "OMG! All vaccines are bad for you!"

Normally, I care little if an adult refuses treatment for themselves based on whatever their guru of choice tells them. But the scary thing here is A) it's usually kids that suffer because they're the ones not getting vaccinated and B) we're talking highly communicable diseases. If you don't vaccinate your kid and he gives *me* whooping cough, I'm going to be majorly pissed.
If you have been vaccined you shouldn't have a problem.
True, but aren't there new strains of some of these diseases coming out?

Perhaps I'm on yellow-alert right now as we're studying evolution in Anthropology class, and in particular how quickly and easily diseases can mutate to bypass the drugs we make. It's a wonder our species survived!



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