More fire in Texas instead of rain! If we, nonbelievers, were to think the way Christians do, this is what we would ask, "Why is 'God' so angry with the people in Texas that he is not sending any rain their way?" "Is it God's wrath?" I think he's trying to send a message to Mr. Supertitious Religious Nutcase Perry and he is not getting it —he has no clue what his imaginary boss in the sky wants from him. OK, now seriously, I love Texas and I'm concerned about the lack of rain; people are dying and losing their homes. It's sad!


Mom, child die in another fire; Tropical Storm Lee sent winds, not rain, to dry areas

"Thousands flee as wildfire torches 300 Texas homes"

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Texas is my home state and I worry about those who live there. However, nothing short of good firefighting science ( and the firefighters themselves) and some welcome rain is going to help. Homes and lives can be rebuilt. It is times like these when people need to be ready to go stay with long-distance relatives and do what they can. I live in Japan. The people of Tohoku didn't have time to react to the Tsunami in March, past what they had prepared for. In a lot of cases, it wasn't enough. Wildfires can be ravenous as well, but people have more time to react and prepare themselves. It's tragic, and there's no denying that. But so long as they have their lives, they can start over, even in a recession.
Don't know about Texas' good firefighting science, but they don't have the firefighters in the quantities they had before Gov. Perry slashed the volunteer fire departments' budget either. They may no longer have the option to fight fires with much more than prayer now.
I was ten miles from Bastrop at a conference just last week.  33 workers at the resort had lost their homes in the fire. 

Perry's continued "slash and burn" spending cuts and ignorant denial of climate science will likely end up in yet more unneccessary deaths and destruction in the future, even more should he become president (an all too plausible scenario).


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