Possibly the dumbest headline I've seen in ages:

"Puerto Rico abuzz over explicit pictures of man"
Apparently, an Island version of Anthony Weiner's escapade. He claims not to remember 'One picture depicts a nude torso...The other pictures, taken from behind, show a nude man on his hands and knees.

How do you not remember getting naked & on your hands and knees and getting your picture taken. Oh, he " said he has taken pictures of himself with a cell phone as he continues to lose weight".

That explains it. "Does this cell phone make my butt look big?"

(I cross posted in the LGBT section, since this came from the LGBT RRS. Not that there's anything gay about a man having someone take pictures of his bare butt).


Link to the photos. Warning, not safe for some work places.  Unless you happen to be a gastroenterologist.


Possibly relevant..."Arango is a member of the Republican Party. He vice-chaired the 2004 reelection campaign of George W. Bush. In 2009, he voted in favor of a measure that sought to constitutionally ban gay marriage in Puerto Rico."

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Well, women like that too.  *shrug*
Apparently these were posted on a gay hookup site.
Maybe he didn't realize what 'gay' means?  Perhaps he was still going off of the 1950's definition?  :-D
That must be what it was.  That's why he posted a pic of his anus on the website.  To show how happy he was.
Good digestive health is the key to happiness.




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