Mormans Quit Church in Mass Resignation Ceremony

(Reuters) - A group of about 150 Mormons quit their church in a mass resignation ceremony in Salt Lake City on Saturday in a rare display of defiance ending decades of disagreement for some over issues ranging from polygamy to gay marriage.

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Nice! You guys rock!

Congrats!  Welcome to the club!

This is great news, if for no other reason than that it shows a break in the veneer of the LDS church.  One wonders how many other such breaks have happened with less press coverage.

Tammy, thanks for posting this! I resigned over the prop 8 issue myself. I am glad to see a very public group of people leaving the church. I hope this is a trend not a single occurrence.

It has to be so much easier on them to have the support of the group and maybe that will spur others onward! Here's hoping!  I had always heard that the LDS Church uses all sorts of nasty techniques to bring one back into the fold if you try to leave on your own, I have no experience with it to know whether or not that is true.

On the other hand, I know that JW's often force the family to ostracize former members, my grandmother and some of my aunts and uncles were JW's and for all their outward 'love and desire to share' (door to door....) they are a very closed society and I often wondered if that was why my aunt and uncle originally moved away from the rest of the family as they were the last practicing JW's and the rest were either Baptist or Evangelical. I have heard that things are much the same for the Mormon church.

Kayla congrats to you!  This is a profound message to the community.

This is great news!  I have had the experience of belonging to both the JW's and the LDS!  Lol!  What would one call that...a Mormon Witness or a Witness of the LDS?

About 15 years ago my family and I were members of the LDS.  And, were so for about 3 years!  I struggled with being a Mormon constantly!  Especially, with the so-called "Articles of Faith".  And, then the "Holy Garments" {Underwear}.  It was really when our family was getting ready for a Temple recommend in Columbus, Ohio that I really started getting really concerned about things.  Talking about secret handshakes and things that you were to do and say.  Then, I get pulled in to the Branch Presidents Office and they wanted to conduct a fiscal audit on me for the past two years!  The reason given was that I was at the time the owner of a Htg. & Cooling company and they didn't feel that the $250.00 per week that I was giving in tithing was enough.  They asked me if I gave tithes on gross or net earnings!  And, then a week later the branch president steps down and moves away because he secretly had a second family in another city!

So, after a few weeks I asked to have my name, my wife's and sons name removed from the records in Salt Lake!


Witness'...144,000 make it to heaven.  Meek shall inherit the earth.  No voting, no holiday celebrations {except wedding anniversarys.}  Spent three years with these lunatics too!

So, I really gave each of them a honest try.  And, it just kept getting more and more crazy with time!  I found myself chasing this deity or sense of comfort in the feeling of love from a superior something!  But, it never developed, he never showed the least bit of presence in my life or interest.  I know that may sound selfish and it is but, that is part of the traits or values that is somehow sort of ingrained into this mindwashing.  Oh sure there were times of real gratitude and a real sense of helping someone with the things that we were doing.  But, I can still obtain the same feelings of satisfaction with helping my fellow man without religion or god!  I didn't know this at the time!

I went through several years of guilt, mild depression, mad and a sense of worthlessness!  Until about three years ago did I start feeling better about myself and the world and the people that I shared this planet with. 

Just three months ago I found a video of Christopher Hitchens on YouTube!  I started watching more and more of the videos of his, Sam Harris and others; reading more and more articles on the internet.  And then, I found this web-site by accident!  And, I am going to say this...this site is one of the greatest sites I have ever discovered!  This site has put me in touch with other great sites and information and with some of the greatest people I think in this world!  These people are like family and I am so thankful to have a place to come to and talk to friends and family.



Jeff Dempsey - Recovering Theist


































































































@Jeff - We need a thousand more like you! Thank you for sharing your experiences with these two groups, the more we know of their tactics, the more we can help others looking for a sane, safe place to land.

Tell 'em to stick their "dire eternal consequences" where the sun don't shine!

And congrats on getting FREE!!!




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