Mormons, er Boy scouts, blame parents of abused kids for trusting them

Ore. scouting exec says parents negligent in abuse

In a twist on the "blame the victim" song we've become accustomed to from the religious, we now have "blame the victim's parents."

Apparently trusting a Scoutmaster and Mormon bishop to set up safe events for your little Scouts makes you a bad parent. Well, okay then, I guess all parents have no choice but to pull their kids out of Boy scouts to protect them from the events the Scoutmaster might set up for them.

The Mormons and Catholics just need to get together and join NAMBLA already. Come out of the child love closet already and get some help!

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Well, if you can't trust a Scoutmaster and Mormon bishop, who can you trust?
I know, I can't help but to find the defense hilariously accurate and damning for the defense all at the same time. Can you win by losing?
Logic is not his strong suit is it.
Blame the victim AND encourage paranoia. Let's just make it illegal for men to be teachers, priests, anything having contact with kids.

Or wait, here's a though, blame the perpetrator?
You also have to blame the people helping the perp avoid justice.
Well, you can't say this is true across the board but yes, fair point.



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