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Interesting, but I didn't see Pa.

Speaking of PA...

And who says that only Bahgdad, Ciudad Juarez, Kabul, and Belfast are the only places where you can a fun filled car ride.

Persecution Training …what will they think of next?

Anyone who wants to play such a "game" with me would do well to make sure their life insurance is paid up and in force.  Beyond that, the perpetrators should be sued out of their eye-teeth!

Sued - yes. But before that, I would suggest criminal prosecution with the grand prize being an all expense paid holiday in one of Pennsylvania's all inclusive resorts and detention centers.

Hey, throw that in, too!  If you're gonna have a circus, you gotta have elephants!

I was going to post that too, you beat me to it.

Nor Texas - surprisingly!

Interesting poll done by Gallup in 2008 shows ranking of states by importance of religion.  Yeah, the deep south wins. Which, they also "win" the prize for highest ranking of poverty levels, infant mortality, and STDs, to name just few.  I realize that correlation doesn't necessarily mean causation, but you got to wonder.

It's always good to remember that correlation is often "a hint". My move from Quebec (33% declared atheist) to NC (50% Fundie) has been eye opening, …to put it mildly. Atheists here ave real fear of others, even strangers, …knowing of their non-belief.

Good article. 

   Anyone else notice that the least religious states are also the ones that were directly involved in writing the Constitution and Declaration of Independence?  I keep copies of both close at at hand.  I have some very good friends that are xtian, and they will occasionally refer to the references to god in both documents.  I hand them a copy of each and say show me.  There is usually no more dicussion.  They are referencing retoric they heard from Glenn Beck or some other idiot.  Likely clergy, but isn't the term clergy the same as idiot? 

   Maybe.  I've always wondered if the clergy really believed what they preach or are just keeping some sort of corporate loyalty.

   Oh well, enough rant.  Hope you all are well.




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