Mother Teresa Humanitarian Image A 'Myth,' New Study Says (HuffPost)

A new study by Canadian academics says Mother Teresa was a product of hype who housed the poor and sick in shoddy conditions, despite her access to a fortune.

The Times of India, reporting on the controversial essay, wrote that the authors asserted Mother Teresa saw beauty in the downtrodden's suffering and was far more willing to pray for them than provide practical medical care. Meanwhile, researchers say, the Vatican engaged in a PR ploy as it threw aside concerns about her suspicious financial dealings and contacts to forgo the five-year waiting period to beatify her.

One of the researchers, Serge Larivee of the University of Montreal's department of psychoeducation, told the school's website, “Given the parsimonious management of Mother Teresa's works, one may ask where the millions of dollars for the poorest of the poor have gone?”

The research paper claims that the celebrated nun had 517 missions in 100 countries at the time of her death, but that the majority of patients were not cared for properly and many were left to die, according to the university website. In addition, the Vatican is said to have ignored a doctor's assertions when it concluded that a Mother Teresa miracle healed a woman who had tuberculosis and an ovarian cyst.

Researchers Carole Senechal of the University of Ottawa and Larivee and Genevieve Chenard from the University of Montreal came to their conclusions by examining 96 percent of the originally researched, published works about Teresa, according to the U of M website. Their findings are to be published in French-language journal Studies in Religion/Sciences.

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Well, gee whiz, what took them so long? Christopher Hitchens was debunking the supposed saint of Calcutta back in 1995 with his book, The Missionary Position. Why should it take 18 years for the rest of the world to wake up to the fact that Ma. Teresa was a fraud who seemed to worship suffering, particularly that of her charges, rather than take any meaningful action to ameliorate that suffering?

I doubt this will have any impact on the efforts of the RC church to fast-track the process of promoting Ma. Teresa to sainthood, but perhaps it will wake up some others to the propaganda surrounding her and her cult.

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A worthy lawyer might advise the poor unfortunate victims of negligent industrial poisoning in India to seek compensation from the multi-national corporations responsible for it. Mother Theresa's advice was to 'forgive, forgive' - she said it twice passionately.

I think she gets off on the suffering of other people. You know, it bring them and her closer to the lord. She had the power, means and connections to turn her Calcutta hospice into a proper hospital to western standards.

Alas, the dying lay on the floor and receive little comfort until the end.

The catholic church is an international fraud run by criminals. It is slowly being stitched up in the western world.

pics on Sodahead

That MT got off on the suffering of others is all but a documented fact.  That she improved the condition or reduced the suffering of her charges is, conversely, questionable as hell.  Far as I'm concerned, she is a fraud, even as the Hitch labeled her as such, 18 years ago, and deserves about as much adulation as those damnable pedophile priests do.

I agree. Her fraud has been known for years. She didn't even give the people in her care pain medicine, but she got the best medical care for herself.

Being raised mormon, I never believed the positive hype about her or the catholic church, but since thinking for myself and listening to several atheists and agnostics, I see what a horrible person she was, and what a horrible religion it is.

I think mormonism is horrible, but I'm starting to see that catholicism is probably worse.

once one  escapes the tar and feathers of mormoron-ism, one commonly envisions all other religions on a scale of evil, which is good, but may be confusing. let me assist, if i may? there is no god, therefor the so-called 'religions' are invalid. the members of an such group will defend their ummmm, 'right' to errrrr, 'believe' and their ahhhh, 'faith' will sustain them thru any such attack upon their ritualized suicidal path....some will become quite violent if not in act, at the very least, voices. the human 'rights' are not the issue for thinkers, only for the mind dead religious. there is NO defense for genital mutilation. ordered by their god. no defense for slavery, which is ordered, again. and women?? to be quiet and obedient following the man whom she is ordered to stay with for life, even if he's a violent alcoholic pedophile? read everything by hitchens or harris or me, this will provide you with many useful phrases in defense of the reality we share and the opposition will fade rapidly...into silence and don't forget to not be afraid of the mormoron chuch, those stupid fuckers, eden in mo? what person could possibly 'believe' that claim? no defense for religion, folks. none. to suspend the physical laws of the universe, because granny's knee hurts and i rilly want it fixed, is simply an affront to the idea of a totalitarian leader, to think god would stop being god and listen to your pitiful lies and desires while ignoring the 6000 kids who will be having their ritual genital mutilation ceremony today! maybe that's why it happens? because the chuchy's are taking up all of god's time with personal bullshit, NOT issues which would make human life MUCH easier....there is no god. loose all faith. depend entirely on your human ability to reason. semper fi motherfuckers!

Glad to see Hitchens vindicated and glad to see some open discussion about this parasitic nun.  If someone in the US ran a hospice like hers, they would have been arrested.  Probably some prison time for abuse of the sick and dying.  It's why we have adult protective services

I doubt she brought as much into the Catholic Cabal as Mussolini, but she did her part.  

Vile, inhumane, abusive, hypocritical fraud.  She'll be deified for sure.

Amazing.  Pedophile priests get a pass because they're supposedly "respectable."  Nun with a suffering fetish runs her hospice like a torture chamber and gets a pass for the same reason.  Someone must be passing out rose-colored spectacles like topsy to keep these assholes' reputations intact.

the fast track to sainthood, indeed. she will almost certainly become the new ummmm, rcc star of hope? imagine being left alone in a crowded room filled with the cries of agony the cancerous and terminal humans who, are provided with a simple cot. and a wall to lean on while you shit yourself to death! no paper, use your left hand. no blankets, it's bombay! it's always warm. and THIS tiny hate filled thing is the reason! the rcc has a long standing manner when regarding the imminent death of a parishoner, visit the family, find out about their wealth or lack of it, convince the fam that their beloved can purchase an indulgence. the money will never be seen again by the needy, it must be relocated to the MOST needy first. how does this make any sense at all? once i give you money, it's yours, not mine anymore, no longer any concern of mine. but, what about the care i paid for? a waiting list? what about the fast-track you spoke of? wellll, they ALWAYS answer with, god works mysteriously don't he? how could that make any sense? there is no debate that terry was hard line rcc. she stated in public that the greatest threat to  humanity in africa was condoms!!??!!??? fucking rubbers? worse than aids? go fuck yourself terry. and take the rcc with you. tax the chuch, watch the economic meltdown NOT happen. watch the deficit disappear! this year! i have read of the driver, who is a minister, and gets a $60000 annual paycheck. all tax free, of course, he's got god. play their game, get mo' money. all religion is poison. ALL. thanks for your time, my apology for the rant. fuck the chuch. semper fi motherfuckers!

thanks for the reference. everyone we know is introduced to Hitch, should they not know of him. the bbc piece was excellent as Hitch had final cut approval, but, the reporting and research he accomplished is unparalleled in modern print. such a great loss. he gives us voice and many tools to use against the un-reason we face day to day. also his piece on our need to be offensive. more offensive, means simply to refuse to be bullied any longer by the chuch bullshit we are forced to deal with! bless you, or i'm praying for you? don't. prayer is a good way to avoid any contact with another human. a good way to do nothing but, look good at chuch! send money if you want to help. don't insult us with your imaginary friends and their worthless promise.

Why should mother theresa's wealth to charity ratio be any smaller than the vatican's?

She was probably saying to the boys' club in Vatican City (sotto voce, of course!): "See, guys?  Us gals can raise money to glorify ourselves, too!"

[sigh] Who on this earth has raised so much money (and from questionable sources [the Duvaliers, anyone?!?]) and done so little good with it?

The odd thing is how little she cared about spending that wealth to make her own life more comfortable.  What the fuck good is that kind of money if it isn't being spent on something.  The pope was spending the vatican's cash like a drunken sailer, with custom slippers and vatican remodels that were grotesquely over budget and so gaudy that Jesus would have strangled him with his bare hands, if he were real.  Clearly, if mother theresa were honestly concerned for the well being of the unfortunate, she wouldn't have been letting a boat load of cash sit there and do nothing. 


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