We need to have a fully produced cd of great music that will appeal to humanists, atheists, rationalists but most of all people who passionately enjoy music with reasonable expectations about life and death... there is the question of funding , We have 32 years plus in the music/entertainment biz.

If you have any interest in be part of this major project and transformation, please contact me.  I know you are out there either with funds or with talent, who agree our message must be heard, musically , just like the gospel and Christian acts especially.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this and considering it.

Our new Beta site http://www.themusicumbrella.net

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As it comes to choral and particularly a Capella music, I heartily recommend the handiwork of Eric Whitacre.  As regards that, I submit Exhibit A:

His music is exquisitely ethereal, yet rarely if ever religious.  In addition, it seems I've heard in state in one interview or another that he has no religious beliefs, or did not at the time of that interview.

I have a pretty fair grasp of his oeuvre, if anyone is interested in further examples.

So far so good, thank you ......




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