Muslim Cleric: Anal sex ok, maybe required, for some suicide bombers.

The headline kind of says it all.   The rationale is that anal sex may help with rectal placement of secret suicide bombs.

"After he sodomizes you, you must ask Allah for forgiveness and praise him all the more."

I'm not often speechless.  This time I am.

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Wow.  Just wow.  I'm pretty much speechless myself.  Now that is some CRAZY mental gymnastics. 

Clearly a situation when the END justifies the means.  :)

Sounds like whatever school you went to could use a sex ed class. 

It's like the old joke about where lawyers come from.

I don't know about this.  I don't trust David Horowitz enough to believe it. 

Elsewhere, I THINK here on A|N, there is an actual video of an islamic cleric holding forth on this issue (in Arabic, btw).  So yeah, doc ... it's for real.

And here it is.

Dr. Kellie, that is a good point.

The Muslim cleric must have read Mirror Reversal. The ending of Chapter 5 is intense and graphic.  The Duggars with the 20 kids should read it.  Humans are breeding themselves to extinction; attitudes toward sex and reproduction have to change.

To some it's "Abomination", to me it's the serendipity of being human. 

She rolled over and assumed the position on all fours, with her head facing the bedpost and cheeks lifted high off the bed.  She slowly undulated her bony, inviting rump.  Her posterior was moist from sweat, pheromones and the secretions of frantic glands.  With the fluid arm movements of a lovely delicate ballerina, she rapped her arms around her cheeks to fully expose her tiny star-shaped sphincter, like the oculus of an unpretentious cathedral—venerating not a mythological deity in an indifferent universe but the beauty of the human body.


The headline struck me as a Poe.

Checking the Advocate article, it's now "updated to reflect feedback after our first version", with the title "Researcher's Claim About Suicide Bombers Called False".

They quote a blogger who recognized the man in the video, and who says "the story is posted in Arabic-speaking forums as a joke but is read as if serious" in the video.

Thank you for the update and clarification.  I'm really tired of the false stories on the internet.  My grandfather, who has been dead for 40 years, used to say "Don't believe anything you hear and only half of what you see".



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