For the first time in the Nordic countries, a Christian-Muslim gay couple got married.

Knut Egil Asprusten (44) and Kaltham Alexander Lie (49) got married in Oslo two weeks ago. They've been together since last October.

Kaltham Lie, who had been tortured in Iraq for being gay, was visibly moved and tears in his eyes after the ceremony. As an immigrants, Muslim, gay and now married to a Christian, he knows very well what it's like being to be stigmatized.


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Now that's a feckin "mixed" marriage! None of this Protestant and Catholic "mixed" bullshit.
Haha, too right!
Excellent! Love Dara's stuff.
Uh, how can a man who had been tortured for being gay by men whose motivation was the Muslim faith, still embrace that same faith? That's just as bad as gay Catholics.
Yes, I was surprised when I read that they both "believed deeply in their faiths". He probably tells himself that all the gay-bashing Muslims are "perverting" Islam, just like all the moderate Muslims tell themselves that fundamentalists are "perverting the religion of peace". If you're deeply indoctrinated, you'll manage to live with the cognitive dissonance any way you can.
They both have to have some serriously damaging cognitive dissonance. I wonder if either on thinks that one of them or both of them are going to hell.
Probably not, since all theists pick and choose what they believe -- and it's often those things which cast their wants and needs in a good light.
Absolutely Sandy.
And at the same time, the fundamentalists tell themselves that the moderates are not real Muslims...we can't forget that.

That it could happen at all is progress of some sort... I think.

Yeah, despite the "eww, how can they still be religious?" reaction, I still see it as progress. They are accepting of gays and people of other religions. Their cognitive dissonance is their own problem.

First it's mixed nationality / mixed religion marriages.  Next they'll probably have mixed gender marriages.

Next they'll probably have mixed gender marriages.


Lol! : )




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