For the first time in the Nordic countries, a Christian-Muslim gay couple got married.

Knut Egil Asprusten (44) and Kaltham Alexander Lie (49) got married in Oslo two weeks ago. They've been together since last October.

Kaltham Lie, who had been tortured in Iraq for being gay, was visibly moved and tears in his eyes after the ceremony. As an immigrants, Muslim, gay and now married to a Christian, he knows very well what it's like being to be stigmatized.


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holy shit! its like looking at a salvador dali painting....AAAAAHHHHHHHHHAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH....

too much surealizm! I, literaly just fell off my chair.

the compatmentalism these people exibit is nothing more than brain damage.

marriage is a religious concept. Having said that I will also say that when you make a prommiss to someone to stay with someone no matter what......thats a real and tangible thing. as long as the couple (or however many...its a personal choice) choose to make that prommise its up to them..not the state....not the fucking religion.....THEM.

as long as the state requirements/privileges for the civil contract are full for every couple then marriage nothing more than superstitious nonsense and surplus to requirement.





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