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Hmm... I thought he had died years ago... Oh well, good riddance.
Now, can we dispose of James Dobson and Pat Robertson NEXT?!? These things DO come in three's, ya know!!!
Look forward to the Christopher Hitchens interview ! Remember Jerry Falwell ?
Yes! That will be interesting. I just watched Hitchens wipe the floor with creationist whack job Jay Richards.
He's a pervert!
Aren't most preachers and priests?
HOT. *taking notes* ok, not in the ear, not in the eye, not in the nose. got it.
Roberts was in his 90s. He had a long, influential life. He made money, he formed opinion, he got what he wanted. There were worse around, but in the end he's just a foot note, an evangelical celebrity whose time came and went.
Lets all crank up the MC 900 Foot Jesus in his memory.
Why would you waste you time praying for someone's death?
Why do Christian preachers openly pray for Obama's death..? They secretly hope someone will take the initiative and go kill him.


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