How viable is a political party with the word "atheist" in its name? Troy Boyle, a corporate legal representative for a finance company, thinks very viable. Last March, he and a friend founded the National Atheist Party, which they believe to be the first American political party organized on the belief that God does not exist.

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UGH!  Come on Sandi, you know that atheists don't share the same views, Except for atheism. 

I do think that we have a common thread though and also think what any little movement is some movement. I just like to think that every little bit helps.

Most Aussies, even if they believe in religion, usually don't live their life by it like Americans do, ie: we don't have the saying: God Bless This Country, we don't make such a patriotic show of religion in our government or for our country.

If I can see this happening anywhere, it will be in Australia.

not too many atheists in america and they also don't agree politically - so good luck with that! :)

I'm happy to announce that Australia (with our current status of having a atheist as the prime minister (said with a boastful swagger!)) that we are progressing with our Secular Party - and have already had a break away group... LOL

Alice, as and Aussie living in America for the last 10 years, I miss quite a bit of 'local news', though I do see what makes headlines. I am proud of Julia and I know a lot of Aussies are pissed off about carbon tax etc, but this makes me want to pat the Green Party on the back. They have endured a long haul to get a voice and have done it. I would like to see the same thing here in the states, but I doubt that would ever happen. I don't know the exact ins and outs of it but I can only assume that it is a good thing if we want to protect the environment, but that is another debate altogether, my point is that I think Aussies are capable great change and hopefully religious freedom will be a big part of it.

Sandi - thanks for that injection of optimism :) - Just so you know, I voted Green - because I figure the others can vote Labour and make up the numbers - the fringe needs some boosting too - as then it's a proper democracy... :)

From what I've read of their platform (little) I like it...but yeah, good luck getting atheists to agree to a political platform.  It would be interesting to see the Objectivists and the Communists on the same ticket...

LOL - I really think they might learn something from the Australian experience - they've already had a break away from the secular party with the atheist party due to in fighting...




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