Minister Harold Camping’s new predictions are “impeccable,” beginning with the date the earth was formed, 4990 BCE when Noah first learned of the great flood from god, plus 2011, minus 1 (Christ was born in year “0” to make this work) equals 7000 years since the first flood.  So, rapture will occur on May 21, 2011, so… Read more:

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Ya know, I might say, "so what?" but I really couldn't give a good rip! [chuckle!]
I'm not indifferent. I'm both laughing and crying at the stupidity of people who've quit jobs, abandoned families and spent their life savings to follow this will o' the wisp.
I agree, OTOH some of the libertarians in our local skeptics group think it is just fine for people to throw away their life savings, quit jobs, and other crazy behavior, because it is their right to do so. I argue that it creates a burden on society when these people are left penniless.

The issue isn't individual rights or personal freedom. It is in the general interest to oppose crazy beliefs that result in irrational behavior.
I'm just shakin' my head...

(Christ was born in year “0” to make this work)

Ah, and there's the divide by zero that he's hidden in his calculations.




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