NBC Edits Out "Under God" from Pledge of Allegiance Before U.S. Open - Twice

During two Pledge of Allegiances meant to demonstrate patriotism prior to the U.S. Open NBC edited out phrases that included the words "Under God". It later apologized under a hail of criticism.





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Now if we could just get them to leave out the apology, we're in business.
Perhaps we should attempt to offset the criticism with a flood of approval for honoring the spirit of the Constitution.
Excellent idea and per G. Loren McIntyre's information below it is entirely possible and easy. Via this avenue I have already registered my support of the "under god" omissions.
I did so as well.  Hope NBC gets a barrage of support from those advocate for a secular government.
If you appreciated NBC's omission of "under God" from this tribute, let them know.  Go to: http://www.nbc.com/contact/general/ Scroll down and under Select Show, indicate Other.

The 'grassroots' christian fascists are always on alert, ready to attack, whenever sanity threatens them.


Then again I am fine with the under God stuff because I am GOD, you can't disprove it, my ways are mysterious, and everyone should serve me or go to hell. : )


P.S for once I'm fine with censorship - but still not in principle - cause the 'god stuff' shouldn't be there in the first place because it directly contradicts the founding principle, 'separation of church and state.'

aaawwww gota hell......not your hell....my hell.....no really we have a lot of fun here!
I really want to know who was involved in the editing and if they did it intentionally. My suspicion is that it was intentional because the 'under god' part is ingrained in the memory of all public school children since like 1954.
Unfortunately that video was removed. There's another one linked in this follow-up post:
Christians Want Bigger Apology from NBC

It does seem like an odd way for NBC to make a statement like that.
Thanks George.

G. Loren McIntyre thanx for the link.

this is what I sent them.

thanx for leaving OUT the words "under god" from the pledge of allegiance.it was refreshing to see a major network get the point that this was not originally in it and was only added in due to the paranoia of the cold war.PLEASE on any other show/presentation keep the LAW and continue to OMIT the phase "under god" from the pledge.after all we are a country under LAW....not a 2000 year old sand storm delusion.thanx for your time.


also on that same page you can "ask a question of nbc sports


drop a little note to them too.


I like it!


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