Sorry this is old news, from January.  thinkprogress. org.    North Carloina republican representative expressed that public hangings would be ideal for abortionists, rapists, and kidnappers. 

This link from teapartyjesus was perfect.

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Im frightened for her

Sometimes I do.  I have to keep track of what they are up to.  And sometimes I am tired when I'm driving and I have to get some rage going to stay alert.

nothing wrong with "knowing thine enemy".  if you have the stomach for it, that is. 

A laugh for those of us who are rationalists. Problem is, they mean exactly what they say. This prick (and no disrespect to any rational males out here) and those like him mean what they say. They really want to go back to the era of the photo I previously posted. I'm not sure that "sick, twisted, demented, motherf*&$er," is a strong enough descriptor of this degenerate. Ohh, and one last thought. He's in a position to make laws for the rest of us. Ponder that.

They don't deny it. Is it possible to dislike anyone more than the clown on the left?


I wonder what is the NYTimes motive in wanting to "break down the white male christian power structure of this country" or something like that.  Will that make the NYTimes more money?  Better circulation? That's it!  Undocumented Mexicans are streaming across the Rio Grande in the millions so they can read the NY Times!

he forgot to say straight. 

That would leave out a significant # of the catholic heirarchy.

try Hannity, Beck, or Limbaugh.  they are all much much worse than O'Reilly.




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