According to a poll concluded this month 18% of American adults believe Obama to be of the Islamic faith. It was conducted by nonpartisan Pew Research Center and overseen by Princeton Survey Research Associates International. According to the poll the percentage of American adults who correctly believe him to be Christian is only 34%. The margin of error associated with the results is plus or minus 2.5%.

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Would you expect anything different from a populace so ignorant that over 70% are Christian?
Quick Quizz............ (old)
Is Barack Obama Muslin?
That's on par for quality with
So 18% of Americans think the sun revolves around the earth. Coincidence?
It is scary when you realize how few people are interested in the truth. I have relatives who believe that dumb stuff. We argue and fight about it but they are determine to believe what they want to.
We only have two political parties in the US

Not anymore. As fair and balanced as it may be, a news network can't be a replacement for a political party.
And here I thought he was an in-the-closet atheist. Silly me....
I don't see it.
I think to get reelected in '12, he can't blatantly denounce religion. But I wouldn't be surprised if he gets reelected, we'll see a more secular Obama.
That would be nice. If nothing else , to get rid of the faith-based initiative.
And if you ask those one-in-fivers what Muslims actually believe, chances are they couldn't tell you.
To imitate Hemant Mehta: *facepalm!*




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