According to a poll concluded this month 18% of American adults believe Obama to be of the Islamic faith. It was conducted by nonpartisan Pew Research Center and overseen by Princeton Survey Research Associates International. According to the poll the percentage of American adults who correctly believe him to be Christian is only 34%. The margin of error associated with the results is plus or minus 2.5%.

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It's all confirmation bias. Evangelicals who don't like him wouldn't want to have to include him as his own. Atheists who like him shouldn't make the mistake of claiming him as one of ours. He's an Evangelical or a hypocrite. Besides that the stupidity of the American people is appalling.
Obama staunchly defended the fact that he is Christian. By doing so he has implied that there is something wrong with being Muslim
Obama an Evangelical??? Based on the following, it sure don't SOUND like it!

Yeah, absolutely. He's no Evangelical. They're all blind to the things he said about the bad parts of the Bible, by the very definition of their faith.

I call mole. Those are the same sorts of arguments that Atheists use, when they're attacking the morality of the Bible, when they want to go beyond questioning it's accuracy. That's the "Yeah, but even if was true, it's horrific, and I couldn't worship that sort of God," argument.

And yeah, I agree that in that situation, I can't call it hypocrisy.
There is something wrong with being Muslim, unless you either don't follow it at all or interpret it very differently than usual.
The whole discussion in the news is really getting vile. Everyone who is defending Obama argues that he is a Christian. BZZZZZZT. That is the wrong answer. The right answer is Article Six, Section Three of the Constitution, "no religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States."

By expecting him to prove his being a Christian, the right wing proto-fascists are violating the Constitution. So what else is new.
And you think the 1 in 5 morons have actually read the Constitution ?
Of course not. Faux News tells them all they need to know about what's in the Constitution. Just like their preacher tells them everything ... the good and the bad ... that's in the Bible.




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