A newly organized Atheist 'church' in Britain is capturing the imaginations of Atheists all over the world. It has entertained some 200 inquiries from throughout the world as to how additional branches of it might be established. The theme appears to be good without god. Of course this type of entity would make it more difficult for theists to have Atheist movements stereotyped as inherently immoral. It is my opinion that a great many people are rejecting Atheism because theists have in large part been successful at having it stereotyped as inherently immoral. Maybe this new 'church' is gaining popularity because people think they can defend it against assertions that it is inherently immoral. Per the article:


Britain's atheist church is barely three months old but it already has more "worshippers" than can fit into its services, while more than 200 non-believers worldwide have contacted organisers to ask how they can set up their own branch. Officially named The Sunday Assembly, the church was the brainchild of Pippa Evans and Sanderson Jones, two comedians who suspected there might be an appetite for atheist gatherings that borrowed a few aspects of religious worship...Jones reels off the locations of would-be atheist "vicars" who have asked to set up new branches. "Colombia, Bali, Mexico, Houston, Silicon Valley, Philadelphia, Ohio, Calgary, all across Britain, The Hague, Vienna... It's so ludicrously exciting that my head occasionally -- literally -- spins round."...The Sunday Assembly's central tenets are to "help often, live better and wonder more" -- themes that would not be out of keeping with the teachings of any major world religion. At last Sunday's service, which had a volunteering theme, songs included "Help" by the Beatles and "Holding Out For A Hero" by Bonnie Tyler.



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Very groovy, except for one glaring item, to wit:

Can we please NOT call it a church?!?

Good point. It's real name doesn't involve the word, church. Per the article: Officially named The Sunday Assembly

I DIG the name, "Sunday Assembly," and if one shows up here in Cleveland, I might even go ... but anyone calling it a church stays after school!

That was my first thought, although I did read it's official name later.

I won't be getting out of bed on a cold wet Sunday morning to attend anything. I was never a church-goer and won't be attending this church either.

What's the big fucking deal about the fact there are no Gods. No supernatural dimension to the universe. Why can't we move on now.

The creators Evans and Jones now have to work out how to make some money from it all.


The creators Evans and Jones now have to work out how to make some money from it all.

Why wouldn't they be able to make money from member donations and sponsoring activities the way theist assemblies do? 

I like the singing as that was always my favorite part of church.

I would avoid this like a disease! Started by two comedians, it would be viewed as proof that atheism is really just "another religion." What part of "non-theist" is it that the world doesn't understand. Atheism is another religion just like a non-stamp collector is a hobbyist. The problem is that humans have a need to be bound together in some sort of unity. This is how many "churches" got started in the first place. All you need is someone who believes the Bible differently, and everybody does. Beliefs are like an anus. Everybody has one. I'm not against people banding together for support and discussion, but the words "church" and "atheist" should be avoided. The world would laugh at the fact of others belonging to "The Holy Church of The Non-Believer." Very ludicrous indeed!

It isn't calling itself a church. Take a closer look at the article. It says: "Officially named The Sunday Assembly". Standing for good does not make one religious. Secular Humanists stand for good and are not religious. Are you saying Atheists should be afraid to unite in the name of humanity? In my opinion Atheism has not been very well received because too many Atheists are only Atheists because they are latently sociopathic and want the realm of Atheism to constitute a safe haven for their perspectives. Unfortunately, these types of the Atheists by example facilitate the attempt of theists to have all Atheists stereotyped as sociopathic. Very obviously, the Atheist movement needs less of them and more of the Secular Humanist type. I think The Sunday Assembly will serve well the very worthy objective of having Atheism move away from the sociopathic element and in the direction of the Secular Humanist one.

'Hero' means a good person to most people. It certainly isn't synonymous with 'god'. Webster says a hero is a man admired for courage. There are also women admired for courage (heroines). Many people are called heroes and heroines by society without the implication that they are gods. I don't find the words offensive. I think people who do should simply not bother with the Assembly.

It's about time Atheists started taking community seriously. But isn't it a bit strange that stand up comedians got the ball rolling?

I'm not going to prejudge them either way but I do like the entity they've produced. For now I will say innocent until proven guilty.




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