New Jersey rejects 'ATHEIST' vanity plate for being offensive (Auto Blog)

Every state has different rules governing what can and can't be displayed on vanity license plates. Not only do they vary, but many are vague about what combinations of letters and/or numbers are acceptable, which forces the state to determine acceptability on a case-by-case basis. Remember the 'ILVTOFU' controversy of 2011? Or what about Georgia's rejection of gay-themed license plates?

New Jersey resident David Silverman has published a tale on Twitter regarding his application to the state's Motor Vehicle Commission for a personalized license plate that reads "ATHEIST." Silverman says in his tweet that the reason given for the state's rejection of his godless vanity plate was that it's offensive.

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For the record, the "David Silverman" mentioned in the article above?  Yup, you guessed.  He's THAT "David Silverman ... President of American Atheists ... and somehow, I don't think this is the last the New Jersey BMV is going to hear about this one.

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Exactly WTF is the "Garden State" thinking? Indiana allows plates that say "In God We Trust" at no extra cost than any other standard plate. I've seen vanity plates in Illinois with several and sundry religious messages, e.g. I LUV JC, GOD IS GR8, etc., ad nauseum. SInce when did the first amendment only apply to believers? And, what's worse, since when did the first amendment allow the government to allow themselves, under the guise of government sanction vehicle registration taxes, to be the tool of bibble thumpers?


I hope he wins his appeal.

In Britain, vanity plates are called 'personalised number plates.' The things are a waste of money and have gone out of fashion. Is David Silverman a jerk ? Many people regard car owners with personalised number plates as jerks. I don't know what a jerk is but to call someone one is obviously a derogatory statement.

So the message on successful appeal might be David Silverman is a jerk. He should sell his car and plates and give the money to the poor.

David Silverman, president of American Atheists, is one sharp cookie, IMHO.  If you want to throw stones at him, frankly, you demonstrate your own ignorance more than point out any fault of Dave's.  I would suggest that you find out a bit more about the man you seem to wish to denigrate before you speak preemptively.

As a sample, I offer this.

Did Silverman say he was from 'The Peoples Front of Judea' or the Judean Peoples Front' ?

To join the former you've got to really hate the Romans.

Seriously, I am aware of the prejudice and discrimination against Atheists in your country and the need to promulgate the interests of Atheists and Atheism.

I think Silverman should win his appeal and acquire the value of the plates then sell to some jerk and give the money to American Atheists. He can keep his car.

It would be really cool to have the "In god we trust" plate with "ATHEIST" as the number.....  or just "NO WAY".

"Offensive"? excuse me! Since when is atheist an offensive word. "Theist" offends me but I am not about to tell someone they can't use that word on their license plate because it offends me. "Christianity" offends me too, as does "God". When I look around and see all those messy "Jesus saves" painted on rocks and walls, am I expected to remain quiet for those disgusting words? 
There are more immoral words and principles and instructions to commit genocide and murder in the writings of religious sacred texts than any moral person can tolerate. Immoral, unethical, self-righteous, bigoted, and now stupid rules. 
It is past time for those of us who do not believe in those superstitions to say "NO MORE!" We are fed up with double standards and hypocrisy. 
There is no god; Jesus was not the son of god; the bible is not the book of god but of human beings; those who believe in such things have no right to impose and intrude on non-believers. Keep your beliefs in your homes and churches and stop imposing on the rest of us. 
Silverman, sue and keep suing until we are free of the parasites.

Love your post Joan.

The more publicity this gets the better. I'm glad Dave is looking for a fight about it. We need to embarrass people about it while putting them in a spotlight. 




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