I've been a fan of South Park for a number of years now, but never more so than after the latest episode, "Jewpacabra". Among other things, Matt and Trey do an excellent job of highlighting the true nature of Jehovah, that of a cruel, vindictive bastard. Memorable scenes include Eric and Butters trying to lure the Jewpacabra out of hiding by saying "Jesus is a lie", and "There was no Christ", and a hallucinating Eric in a scene from Passover depicting bloody lamb sacrifices and Kyle trying to convince Eric that Jehovah is in fact a bastard because he hardened Pharaoh's heart, never intending for there to be a peaceful solution to the slave issue. "Oh, the poor frogs!" X-D

They also took direct aim at those who believe in mythical beings like Bigfoot and Chupacabra, indicating that those who believe such things "are either lying or stupid". Based on their depiction of the researchers, Matt and Trey conclude the latter is the case.


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That episode was SO GOOD.  Last weeks meme episode was great, too.  But seriously, I was delighted last night. 

I love South Park .. I'm a huge fan!


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