The good news is that there is sex after atheism. The better news is that sex gets better when God is no longer looking over your shoulder.

Of course those aren't the only findings of Dr. Darrel Ray's new study but I only read the juicier parts.

More! More! Oh God, more! here.



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It totally does.  When I was young, I thought I had to be "in love" and stuff.  Haha.  Not anymore. 

When my wife and I met (on a blind date) we were both Atheist - the sex was both immediate , frequent, and great. I'm sure that no deities orchestrated any part of that.   OTOH, no illusional sky people intruded on our pleasure.

I dunno man.  As atheists, you were missing out on all kinds of exhibitionistic fun, imagining God watching you.

Stop. You're giving me the giggles as I imagine making love while Mr. Jesus "I like to watch" Christ looks over my shoulder.

Jeebus dressed in black with a black knit cap and sneakers skulking about the neighborhood and getting his jollies peeking in windows

I have seen some people saying "I'm not into casual sex, I guess it's just religious carryover" which rather annoyed me (they're implying that there's something wrong with them). This study indicates that religious carryover doesn't last that long, therefore it is a personal preference whether a person likes casual sex.
I think so too.  I'm a monogamist.  Just how it is.
I too am a monogomist. I've always been an atheist and I've always found promiscuity disturbing. I do not hold such things against anyone it is simply my personal choice. As far as I can tell it has to do with the fact that I can't separate emotional from physical aspects of relationships. It has nothing to do with religion. Also, don't see anything wrong with monogomy and fidelity
I don't think I ever found it "disturbing" but just a matter of personal taste.  As long as people are safe and honest with their partners, enjoy!

Because I enjoy having sex with different people, I feel I have to stand up for the multiple sex partners peeps.  I don't think the opposite of monogamy is promiscuity.  Promiscuity has negative connotations and makes it sound like I hop into bed with anyone, and I most certainly do not.  It implies that I have indiscriminate casual sex.  Not that there would be anything wrong with that, if that is what you want to do. 


D.O.S, I know you didn't say the opposite of monogamy was promiscuity.  I'm just wanting monogamists to know where I'm coming from:)



As long as you are safe and honest with all involved, enjoy!

Like I said I'm fine with people choosing what makes them happy. I agree with Stephan that be safe and healthy is important. And yes, I meant indiscrimanant casual sex. Have sex with more than one partner at a time I still find personally unacceptable but if everyone involved is fine with it I see no reason I shouldn't be. That does not disturb me. I guess part of what it comes down to is being open and honest with those you have intimate relationships.

If I implied something negative about your choices I sincerely apologize.


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