The good news is that there is sex after atheism. The better news is that sex gets better when God is no longer looking over your shoulder.

Of course those aren't the only findings of Dr. Darrel Ray's new study but I only read the juicier parts.

More! More! Oh God, more! here.



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No apology necessary, dear.  I just wanted to express a different side.  And just for the record, I have, up until about 3 years ago, lived a strictly monogamous lifestyle.  I'm not sure what happened, but when I turned 40, something changed.

I'm not monogamous either. Some people probably think I'm pretty slutty, but I just don't like impersonal sex. I feel that true sexual liberation means no pressure for OR against sexual activity.
Eh, if you're not within a committed relationship, then whatever.  No worries.  Or, if you're in a committed relationship, and your partner is okay with it, then also fine.

Mostly, I'm just cautious about random, casual sex, because of the issues of pregnancy and disease.  Make sure that everyone involved is up to date on their testing and that you've got birth control covered somehow, and you're good.


Dr. Kellie obviously has one of the key problems automatically covered, so go to it!


Hmm, so Dr. Kellie, do I gain points for keeping my perverse thoughts concerning your sex life to myself?  And do I lose the same number or more for mentioning that I have thoughts that need to be kept to myself?

Of course you don't lose points.  You actually gain points;) 
Yay!  Points!
I the actual report, the number of divorced is something like 5%.  I wonder how different that is from a group of theists of the same age.  THAT is what we need next, this same study, but of the religious.  Compare and contrast.


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