Some may think this isn't really news but it is a news worthy topic and it's happening right now.

@antitheistangie is tweeting her RU486 abortion, live: 

It's a little uncomfortable but it is a real decision that she has had to make.  I know that we are not all in agreement about abortion. That's fine. We have robust discussions here from time to time so let this be one of them.

Not unexpectedly, the theists are being horrible and hateful. I hope that some of us can tweet some messages of support to antitheistangie.  I support her right to an abortion.  It can't be pleasant, easy or comfortable... that's when you need your friends and community around you, yes?

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I've been following on twitter and I have to say I think it takes courage to be open about such a divisive issue. Regardless of opinion, it's important to realize that these are real women, not just baby factories, who're are making a difficult decision and following through with what their intellect and conscience tells them is right for them. I respect that and support their freedom to do whatever they believe is right.
Yes! Thank you for saying what I should have, Dawson.
Jackson, the mother of a 4-year-old special needs son, found herself in this predicament after her IUD birth control failed and she explains that her decision to abort was based on financial strain and her high risk of complications. But, she also makes sure to add in a blog post that "'I don't want to be pregnant' is a *good enough* reason to get an abortion." Naturally, her tweets are attracting anti-choicers like bees to honey and she is indefatigably swatting them away rhetorically. It's an impressive sight to behold -- but her point isn't to rile conservatives.

Salon Link:

Now it's a news story.

And a youtube video:
I can see where tweeting your abortion can be looked at as rather ... weird.

But hopefully it helps bring a needed humanity to the issue. Lost in the heated debate is the fact that these are real women, with real pain, real issues. The more humanity we show behind these difficult choices, the harder it is for the Religious Right to demonize them (or not).


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