Pope Benedict XVI has strongly criticized atheism and blamed it for bringing about the ”greatest forms of cruelty and violations of justice” ever known in history.


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Dammit! I just knew that atheist-led Inquisition would come back to haunt us one day! When will we ever learn?
And to think I missed it. Did we at least have some cool robes and maybe a catchy slogan?
That is two years old by the way.
It wouldn't matter if it were two years old or two hundred years old. It remains the same old drivel: Religion (so they say) is the fount of all good things and atheism/paganism/whatever-other-ism they don't like is the root of all evil.

It may be that they've finally recognized that they're losing market share!
This is almost as good as the recent story that Britain's Chief Rabbi is claiming that Europe is dying from secularism!
This coming from a former member of the Hitler Youth! Nothing like a bit of projection to get you through the day.
In other breaking news, water in its liquid form has been confirmed to be 'wet' and the pot really does think the kettle is black.
Name one war that has been fought specifically in the name of we-don't-think-gods-exist-and-hate-you-because-you-do.

Is there one serial killer out there with that specific motivation?

Show me a murderous dictator who is a confirmed atheist and never once said or implied that god supports what he does.
Damn, we're busted.

I told you we shouldn't have found religious people to commit all those horrible crimes against humanity.
Well, Pope Benedict XVI also thinks condoms cause AIDS, soooo...




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