Pharyngula on STRIKE

Apparently there are some weird struggles going on over at Scienceblogs and now it has come to PZ Meyers going on strike and not blogging until it is fixed.

Can someone please explain what the hell is going on here?

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Um, I already had the link in the title of the piece...did it not work?
For some reason I didn't see it. Oopsies.
Eh, its all good.
Sb has been acting up lately [wrt: PepsiCo sponsoring a corporate-funded blog to discuss why Pepsi is good for you, despite its real health concerns], so PZ Myers simply won't put up with it any longer. Several other bloggers on that site have deserted ship altogether.
Can someone please explain what the hell is going on here?

It appears to be the inevitable, creeping hand of corporatist corruption. You can't blame anyone for the uproar - if there is even the slightest greyness about the ability to be able to differentiate between a genuine blog and an infomercial, then it is no longer a place anyone should be associated with.
Right...but the PepsiCo blog is gone from my understanding...seems like people are abandoning ship after fixing the just doesn't make a lot of sense to me. I suppose your reason is a likely one...but damn at some point you have to stand and fight, not run away...?
There are a whole bunch of other issues too - PJ lists them. Lack of transparency and responsiveness from management overall are the biggies.




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