No surprise here, evolution doesn't leave us alone just because we are human

Humans Are Still Evolving, Study Says

The actual news here is that a study has found evidence of genetic selection causing people to have children younger and to have more of them. This is not terribly surprising, as the old limits on this very natural selective push, lack of food, is much less of an issue these days. Especially in Canada.

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I can't say I'm surprised. I went through early puberty myself. It was not easy being one of the first girls to undergo all those physical changes. Did manage not to get knocked up, though. ^^ v

Congrats on the not getting knocked up early!  In my family at least, that appears to be a serious achievement!


I heard on a YouTube video series denouncing creationism that some woman are beginning to gain the ability to see a bit into the ultraviolet spectrum as well.  The series is called "The Foundational Falsehoods of Creationism" and see if you can get a transcript of what the narraotr says if you watch it because he talks really, really fast.
Yeah, that's AronRa. Not sure which episode that was in, but I probably watched it. His stuff is always fantastic and yes, he speaks too damned quickly! :)
I thought it was just a problem for me!
I really don't see first child-bearing age and family size as a genetic predisposition. These things tend to rely on when you have sex and who you marry, don't they? We're also talking about Quebec at the height of Catholic influence. French-Canadian families had lots of children throughout that time for religious and later for economic reasons. (there were government incentives) At any rate, I don't think this indicates natural selection at work. I do not doubt for an instant that we are still evolving along with every other species on the planet though.

The study had controls for that, and found that about 30-50% of the variance associated with the difference was probably genetic.  Now that means culture and society still play a bigger role than genetics, but the genetic difference is obvious.

This is of course assuming the study was done correctly, and I haven't had time to read it to be sure. 


I don't see in the article if this is published work, but as science reporting is generally crappy that's not surprising.  If it hasn't been published, then it may not have been peer-reviewed yet, so the quality of the study is currently unknown.




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