We all know the Catholic Church is a fraud everywhere, and in many ways.  It's nice to see they were caught with their financial pants down, instead of the other kind.


"Religious organizations in Norway can apply for and receive money based on their membership. The Catholic Church received a total of NOK 105.4 million in 2014 after having registered 65,500 new members between 2010 and 2014. Of that, fully 56,500 members were registered using methods that are a matter of dispute."

I first read this info on Hemant Mehta's website, The Friendly Atheist

Article Highlights-

*The diocese in Oslo was raided last February.

*Biship Bernt Eidsvig & the diocese’s finance director were charged with fraud amounting to as much as NOK 50 million.

*The church is charged with scanning telephone catalogues for Polish and Spanish names, tracking down their resident registration numbers in Norway and then logging them as members of the church without their knowledge.

I used an online currency calculator to convert NOK Norwegian Kroner to  dollars, and got 50million Kroners is roughly 6.3 million US $.

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Me either.  I do like reading the occasional reminder that they sometimes get caught.

Can we hope someone in holy orders will actually GO TO JAIL as a result of this???

I hope so!

Oh, is this the same band of charlatans that's gotten away with running their scams for over 2000 years now? And the ones who claim not only the moral high ground but "infallibility" when telling people how they should behave? They are pioneers of marketing though - when the big payoff only comes post-mortem, consumer complaints are effectively minimized.

That's right -- it's a perfect scam to promise a payoff that involves nothing tangible, that requires no evidence, that arrives only after you die, not to your heirs but to you, magically, untestably, unfalsifiably.

I don't get tired of sharing DarkMatter2525's video, "If Heaven Really Existed"; in that three-minute story the characters feel and act counterintuitively because they don't merely hope for heaven, but confidently believe in it. (The protagonist is delighted to learn he has an incurable brain tumor, but quickly turns angry when he learns he might have to wait up to a year before it kills him: "This is outrageous! Medical science, what a joke! You've got pills to make my penis grow, but where's the pill to make my tumor grow?!" And there's more.)

ROFL Thanks for the video, Grinning Cat.

GC, great video!

When are they going to be accused of conspiracy to commit ... well, probably about half of the crimes in any given set of legal codes?

Joseph P - probably never.


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