In complete and obvious avoidance of his responsibility to defend (sworn to God on a bible, of course) the Constitution ("no religious test shall ever be required .."), as he's constantly harrassed about his faith, President Obama feels compelled to give the mob what it demands,

“When I wake in the morning, I wait on the Lord and I ask him to give me the strength to do right by our country and its people,” he said. “And when I go to bed at night, I wait on the Lord, and I ask him to forgive me of my sins and look after my family and the American people. And to make me an instrument of His will.”

This is an intelligent man. He knows better. And he should do better. This isn't simply a strategic response, it's a capitulation.

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Well, he does have have that 25% (?) of the population that believe he's a muslim.  Give him a break.  He's getting enough crap from the Trumps and Bachmans and all those other birther loonies.
Grumble, grumble.
I know, but he has to play his role as straight as possible.  And I'm sure he is religious anyway, and overt atheists are a tiny minority which is scorned and detested (except for me - I'm heavily armed.)
Well, who wouldn't tell these jerks what they are wanting to hear? I give Obama credit for saying those words. I believe most intelligent politicians and powerful people in the public eye have to say this kind of crap to stay in power. Wouldn't you? It's what they want to hear.
Given Obama's upbringing and education, I can't believe he takes the idiocy he spoke seriously. Most educated people, even in GodBlessAmerica, don't think like that. It's not asking too much that he defend pluralism. The bigoted idiots will never be satisfied. We need to see a little backbone. And, of course, I'm going to vote for him again.

There is also the fact that his mother was an Atheist.  I would bet at least a third of the Congress are either Atheist or Agnostic - if they want to be in politics then they got to do some god and jeebus talk.  That's the religious test that ain't suppose exist.

A bright spot today was Obama shoved the birther issue down that fat frog Trump's throat - Trump's response was comical and pathetic.

I'd have enjoyed the Trump response more if I'd thought the "Republican base" saw the same thing I did. It's incredible that this thing is a front-runner in one of only two viable political parties in the US.
I don't know how anyone runs for office with a pomeranian on the top of his/her head, but there it is.
Well, at least he has the White House Dog thing covered.
You'd rather have a fundamentalist Republican in 2012?  Politics sucks.  Sometimes, you need to cover your ass.
I hope you didn't misunderstand me - I've never voted for a Republican. I'd just like to hear some powerful, honest and educational communications from the man who can make a major address at will.
I didn't mean you specifically voting for a Republican.  I meant all of the lunatics in the center who might have their opinion of him colored by the Muslim nonsense.  They could push the vote to the Republican side.



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