Florida Pastor hangs Obama Effigy

And this isn't the only time this particular Pastor has been in the news.  See if you can guess who it is.

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Woo Hoo! I guessed right.  Not surprised at all.

Here is a column from arch conservative psycho Michelle Malkin on just this topic.  From 2008.


Not to mention the Severed Head of Bush (I guess that's SHOB for short) linked in the Malkin column.


Also a Breitbartian shows a GWB "mini-me" hung in effigy, and some videos supposedly of Bush Burning in Effigy.


It's hard to have a thoughtful conversaation when everyone is acting like crazies.  


As to Mr. crazy Florida pastor - Florida seems to have more than its share of Looney-toons.  Is it something in the water?  Swap gas?   Toxic brain emanations from Bushes?

It's the heat, bakes the brain cells! Last I checked though, hanging in effigy from a gallows pole was not only a racial insult, it's a threat....

I agree that it's an evil act - and a threat, although Pastor Craziness is probably too bonkers to actually threaten someone in a meaningful way.  It probably is the heat tho.  And maybe the humidity.   Like steaming clams in the shell, only it's brains instead.

Yum, I need to crack the shell! Hand me some lemon juice and Tabasco would ya?

This A-Hole makes me ashamed to admit I'm from Florida. 

I asked a a local preacher here how he felt about this guy when he was threatening to do the Koran burnings and he became extremely evasive.  Never got a straight answer from him. 

There is something about Florida that brings out the radical christians crazies.  It's more than just the heat.  It's the culture in that part of the state that's stewed, simmered, fermented and finally festered.

What I don't get is why this whole backlash from the religious community against Obama?  Can't they just accept the fact that he's a Christian?  Or are they just too deep in the pockets of the conservatards?

It's impossible for me to escape the role of racism in the unreasonable hatred by right wing christians for Obama.  Calling him a Muslim is so obviously a lie.  Having personally heard a number of christians use the n-word in referring to Obama, it's hard to escape their bigotry.

You're correct SB. Blatant racism under the guise of "Christian, conservative, values." Wouldn't be the first time in US history.

Amazing ... Obama gets elected and the media gets to talking about the "post-racial" United States ... while the Republicans metamorphose into the Party of No and evangelical bible thumpers behave as though we're back in the 1960's.

Progress ... ain't it wunnerful....

One good thing - we did elect Obama.  50 years ago that was not an option.  Of course, it took having McCain/Palin as the opposition, which made it easier.

I think that having W. for the previous 8 years was a much greater contribution.  McCain could have done fairly well, otherwise.

Choosing Palin was his biggest mistake of the race, I think.  Scary ignorant there.  The psycho religious part wasn't even as much of a problem as the fact that she said insane, ignorant things at every turn.  She scared the hell out of the independents, and given McCain's age, she was more of a factor than the vice-presidential candidate usually is.




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