Obedient wives club: Good sex to keep hubby happy, curb social ills

A new organisation is stirring up controversy in Malaysia.


[The Obedient Wives Club] launched on Saturday, says it can cure social ills such as prostitution and divorce by teaching women to be submissive and keep their men happy in the bedroom. "Islam compels us to be obedient to our husband. Whatever he says, I must follow. It is a sin if I don't obey and make him happy," said Ummu.

Just wondering, but is female submission the only thing that makes men happy and keeps societies afloat? You hear this argument again and again all over the world, and the saddest thing is when you hear it coming from women.


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From reading Dan Savage's column and listening to his podcast, it seems pretty obvious that not all men like submissive women. There are guys who don't like women and there are also guys who like dominate women.

I think it's safe to say that most men want some kind of balance, both in bed and in the rest of their lives. I know I sure wouldn't want to be in a relationship with woman who is little more than a mindless drone.

Of course religion has a way of making people ashamed of what they really want, so they go overboard with going for what they think they should want. 

Some men seek women they can dominate. Some women seek men who will dominate them.
Thankfully, not everyone falls into one of these two categories. Personally, I believe both these preferences are the result of low self-esteem.
But I also have to say, Sandy, that your post if pretty offensive.  I don't feel that I should have to be put into the position of defending my gender.  I'm sure you would be offended if I posted an article about gold-digging women with a comment such as "Just wondering, but is sponging off of men the only thing that women want and keeps societies afloat"?  Gross gender generalizations and exaggeration of stereotypes are divisive, demeaning, and intellectually shallow regardless of their target.

Actually, TByte, I was being sarcastic about the absurd belief that all social ills can be fixed by keeping men happy in bed, and that the only thing that makes a man happy in bed is a submissive woman. Both are patently untrue.

Sorry if I wasn't plain enough.

No, you weren't plain enough at all.  In fact, I just don't see a single word in your post that indicates any level of sarcasm.  And you were successful in getting two other chivalrous gentlemen to reply, pleading the case that we, as a gender, are not all low-browed brutes.

The amount of man-bashing that occurs on this forum, both outright and passive-aggressive,  is truly disturbing.  The men on this site are infinitely more respectful towards their opposite gender.

Really TByte, the whole proposition - women's lack of submission = dissatisfied men = a plethora of social ills - is so patently absurd that I think it should be obvious I was not being serious. I really don't feel I should have to spell everything out -- it's also up to you to read things in context. Given the nature of this forum, you can safely assume I'm an atheist and that I don't think much of Islamic principles, so is it LIKELY that I'd be giving credence to that sort of simplistic patriarchal bullshit? Give me some credit.

And if you read any of my posts, I think you'll find I'm not into man-bashing. I agree, the level of disrespect I've seen coming from some women is disturbing, but that doesn't justify you in tarring us all with the same brush and jumping to conclusions. I, too, dislike being stereotyped.

You might want to learn Sandy's posting style before going off on her.  She uses sarcasm a lot.

@TByte I was not "pleading the case that we, as a gender, are not all low-browed brutes." I may have demonstrated it, but that should go with out saying. What I was pointing out was the fact that even with their goal being to make men happy, making women overly submissive won't work for all men.

@Sandy I picked up on the sarcasm and thought it was well done.

I agree. Also, TByte is a jackass, and I don't know why any of you engage him.
He often has good points, even if I don't agree with him about some of his conclusions.  He's way the hell out afield, with this one, though.

some one that sets themselves up as a submisive part of a relationship will give free reign to whomever is "on top".

this will result in abuse at some point.

this is pointed out over and over in tests , past and present.

the domenent person WILL, over time start to abuse the submisive. no way out of that one. its basic human nature.

these women are just reenforcing the bullshit concept of "keep em fucked and happy".

it doesnt work.


Yes, I think any woman who joins an Obedient Women's Club just doesn't understand men. Sad, really, because they think they do.

And I can sort of sympathise with anyone getting abusive with a totally passive partner. Apart from it being irritating and dissatisfying, it must be very tedious and tiring.

@Susan and @Dustin. Thanks guys.




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