I'm trying to find more information about this. Apparently, there has been some upsetting news in how peaceful protestors were engaged by NYPD on Saturday. This is the CNN article. Why is this story not getting much coverage? I had to find out from hearsay and dig for this article! That is upsetting in of itself!


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Lawrence O'Donnell did an excellent job on this.  Watch:




the revolution will not be televised...but its all live here.

Streaming video can make even revolutions boring ;)


I understand what your getting at.

and yet when the mainstream media is blocking and missrepresenting the issues, we need it to get unvarnished information.

these are exciting times and lets face it...you make your own boredom.

just like you make your own excitement.

cheers and enjoy the revolution comrades!

hello john dintin.




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