In a debate before legal scholars and law student's, Christine O'Donnell either didn't know the First Amendment or disagreed with Democratic nominee's Chris Coons' contention that the Amendment prohibits the government from establishing religion.

It appears that she may be playing semantics and this was evidenced by commenters below some of the articles. They contend that the words "separation of church and state" are not in the text of the Constitution.

Apparently they are unable to grasp what implicit means. Damn those drafters, if only they would have drawn pictures with bright colors depicting what the First Amendment really means we wouldn't be having this debate. Or would we?

Funny that these same commenters have no problem interpreting the Second Amendment. But then again, maybe they know very well that they have the right to wear sleeveless shirts.

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Yeah! How dare the evil libruls take away their right to good ol' God-given prejudice and discrimination!

It always strikes me as ironic that the ones howling about America being Number One, and the most jingoistic, brainless uber-patriots, are generally the ones whose clothing and/or giant fucking cars feature the flag of a defeated secessionist movement.
Creationists want to teach their fairy tales in our public school systems. According to the PISA rankings, U.S. student's are 21st in science and 25th in math. This is far from being number one yet fundamentalists want to further muddle the plot by including faith based curriculum. I'm angry that our kids will be competing at a global level for jobs but I've not seen any of this addressed during this election season.
'Cause they're scared to. No one wants to say anything that the other side can jump on to turn impressionable morons against them.
I suspect O'Donnell gets her information from Dan Barton, the Baron Munchausen of American history.
I figured it was from Jack Chick, the Goebbels of God.
Apparently, they don't make the Constitution in pop up books or she could have read it. Obviously, it is too filled with big words and sentences with more than three words for her. Someone from Delaware, please send her the Constitutional coloring book so she can understand it.
Apparently, they don't make the Constitution in pop up books or she could have read it.

Awesome Grace. Simply awesome.
Whats priceless is the crowd reaction. "Wait, she really doesn't know? I mean...she doesn't know? It's the first one!"

I do enjoy seeing those who love the constitution so much getting a big slice of reality. But it does frighten me a touch thinking that if these fools were to be elected, the bill of rights may get a nice new coat of white-out.
Just like the bible these jingo spouting dim bulbs have never read the Constitution, certainly not Palin or O'Donnell
What gets me is that O'Donnell says these things with a straight face and her supporters defend her with a straight face. This being the same woman that was (according to Maher) "a meatball away from becoming Hare Krishna."
But for the meatball resting on her neck, she'd be harmless.
Haha! Priceless.



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