10 minutes with … Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar
By Dena Ross

NEW YORK (RNS) Octomom Nadya Suleman and Jon and Kate Gosselin have it easy compared to Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar, the Arkansas couple that heads the ever-expanding family of TLC’s “18 Kids and Counting.” She’s currently pregnant with baby number 19.

The Duggars, who are conservative Baptists, shun all forms of family planning, believing that God will give them as many “blessings” as he sees fit. Since early in their marriage, the couple has left the size of their family in God’s hands.


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She's 43.

Maybe she'll stop once one comes out with Down Syndrome (higher risk when giving birth over 40), or they'll just keep going until her uterus falls out.
Maybe the father will just...not...

Oh god, I don't think anything will stop them, short of a uterine or penile dysfunction. I wouldn't wish that on anyone but...still...*groans* at least 10 more kids. So 29 in total.

The Duggars wouldn't stop just because one or more children are born with Down Syndrome; in fact, they may even get more financial support from sympathetic families, sponsors and churches.
The last baby was born too premature, it´ll be rare if she doesn´t have any problem.
Ovulation starts to be off after 45, so maybe, with some luck, they won´t be able to have more children.
If they wanted a large (huge) family, why didn´t they adopt?
Hmmm. Good question...
I'm betting the latter.
Clearly, sometimes a vagina is a clown car.
I don't think clown car is quite right. Isn't it more of and express ramp for her? You know, people getting off and on continuously?
Possibly. It's obviously a target for the clowns flying out of Mr. Duggar's clown cannon.
Yes. It took the husband 15 seconds to clear the room out and mount his wife after this picture was taken.
We are trying whereever possible to provide contraception to the third world to facilitate female emancipation and improve quality of life ..............................

One wonders why ?

We have work to do , a lot of it !

@emekan - please don't I would be terrified to put up a spreadsheet !
These people should be criticized and ridiculed. Instead, they get TV shows on TLC. TLC appears to be supporting the overpopulation of the planet, with Jon and Kate, and Table for 12 as well as their show about the Duggars and their litter.

These people are narcissistic jerks who treat the world as if it was meant to feed their addiction to pregnancy and babies. After them the world can collapse, they dont give a shit.

Our culture continues to glorify rampant reproduction. Future generations will curse us for degrading their quality of life and spreading misery.
TLC is home to a lot of crap telly, and they tend to promote...I don't even know what to call it, really. But with shows like:

Say Yes to the Dress (about wedding dresses)
Some show about a wedding planner
Jon and Kate + 8
Table for 12
19 And Counting
Some show about child models and their batshit-crazy mums

...You kinda wonder what TLC's about, eh...



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