– This Christmas, along with ads promoting the new must-have children’s toys, the hottest consumer electronics and family-themed holiday movies, advertisements promoting atheism will be found on the streets of several American cities. The posters, signs and billboards are efforts by groups who promote atheism and humanism to connect with what they see as a growing sect in American society—people who don’t believe in God.

Oh boy. CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) does not give up!

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This article was pretty namby-pamby (to borrow Lamar's phrasing). I don't mind them not reacting and fighting back. Isn't the stated point of the ads to help people realize that they're not alone in their unbelief? Live and let live is fine by me, as long as they actually do it.
Yes, that's true. But Live and let live is not used very much by the Christians. So we'll have to keep watching and see where this goes.

Viva Atheism!
This article is just milquetoast. But I do take offence at the statement about Christmas being a hard time for us poor lonely atheists. I freakin love Christmas, except for the crappy music and the commercialism. It has no religious connotations for me at all, and I am definitely not bothered by this.

Overall, the tone of the article is like a gentle pat on the shoulder and "I understand you are struggling with faith" and "we can answer any of your foolish questions" and shit like that. Stuff and nonsense!
It's Consumermas!
Did anyone else notice the picture of the billboard they used to head up the article? Just a big yellow sign that said "Don't Believe In God." I'm pretty sure that's a bit of photoshopped forgery. The signs I've heard about all say things like "Don't believe in god? You're not alone".


I wrote the following message in their comments section (which they apparently don't display to the public):

I think that illustration you use of an atheist billboard that says, "Don't believe in God" is a PhotoShopped phony. On every other photo I've ever seen of those billboards, the message actually reads "Don't believe in God? You're not alone."

Yours changes the message from a question aimed only at atheists and agnostics to an order aimed at everybody. Isn't there something in the 10 Commandments about not bearing false witness?




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