One News Now writer Marcia Segelstein can't understand why we gather together, or why we want people to join us. She also doesn't understand our "combative and belligerent" ad campaigns.

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Ha. People are dumb.
Seriously? We want people to feel comfortable in their skin and we are being belligerent? So, what does she call all those street preachers?
Aggressive atheism is rearing its anti-religious head again this pre-Christmas season. And this time it's more combative and belligerent than ever.
Unlike Westboro Babtist who are on a mission for god. And, exactly where is this ugly head being raised I'd like to be there and contribute my ugly head.
The most expensive campaign is being launched by the American Humanist Association. Last year, the AHA was responsible for ads exhorting people to "Be Good For Goodness' Sake." This year, its advertising is much more pointed, and unapologetically negative. By its own description, the "Consider Humanism" campaign
HUMANISM ! That's like socialism or communism ain't it? And that, "Be Good For Goodness' Sake.", is just Satan's work ... you can't be good without Jeebus...sez so in the bible.
Christians I know don't go around declaring that only fellow Christians can be good. And if they do, they're wrong.
Well Sister there's a shitload of them out there that are dead, fucking wrong. And, based on this article, you are one of them.
Does she have the same objection to the villifying of atheists?
Of course not; don't be silly. We've earned our vilification by insulting God.
I agree with Marcia. I also oppose pride movements, family gatherings, sports events, and any other kind of gathering of any number of people greater than one.
We need all spectrums of voices
• Non-overlapping
• Appeasing
• Resolute
• Aggressive
• Combative
I say there is most of this spectrum missing, the most “shrill” among us hardly amount to aggressive.
i also loved this little snipet from another of her postings

The notion that Planned Parenthood's international arm -- or any organization for that matter -- has any business telling kids that they have the right to privacy, sexual autonomy, access to information about gender identity, and the right to determine policy regarding their reproductive health is beyond belief. Since when do children have the right to any of those things? How did we get to the point where an international organization is actually attempting to step between parents and children by usurping parental authority, much less the authority of religious institutions?

i cant belive she even thinks this way, its enough to make you barf!
Of course children have no rights. They're yours! i.e. you OWN them.
Religious institutions have no authority, you stupid @#$%&.

Wow, yeah, which blog posting was that in? She's a complete headcase if she refers to the authority of a church and actually believes it. This isn't the middle ages anymore.
This isn't the middle ages anymore.

True. Unfortunately, there are way to many whose brains still function in the 15th century mode.
Not even that recent. Hell, Italy was busy having the Renaissance in the 1200's, I think it was.




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