Pagans are using homosexuals in a plot "to wipe out Christianity

Fascist movements require "enemies" to focus the fear and anger of their followers on. For the politicized Christianity of the Religious Right, minorities like pagans and the LGBT community work very well. What follows are a few examples of this tactic by spokespersons of the Religious Right from Oct. 3-4th.


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As usual, when under threat someone starts a "hate" wave. Think of it as a sign that the Xtian bigots are scared because they're losing ground and there's a election next year.
You know, every time something like this comes up, I have a friend who asks why he is never informed of the "gay agenda" and their plan, or something along those lines. If the pagans/gays/atheists really are trying to do whatever it is they're claiming now, why was I not informed? I want in on it!
I am never informed either.

Before I was an atheist, I was a not-very-observant Jew but I was still reading stuff from the Religious Right. Back in those days, the Religious Right regarded Jews as Christ-killers (this was before they decided that they loved Israel) who controlled Hollywood, the media, the UN and the world banking system. In fact, they went on and on about the International Jewish Banker's Conspiracy so much that I figured they must know something I didn't and I sent several RR groups letters asking if they knew its address so I could send in an application for a job as a teller.


Sadly, I never got an answer from any of them.



What must they think of Izak Mizrahi: a gay Jew in the fashion industry?  That's 1 of the 7 Mountains the Dominionists need to reclaim for Jebus, isn't it?

I know. I never got invited into the Jewish conspiracy either and was very hurt. Maybe it's done in Hebrew school or bar/bar mitzvahs? I never had those.
Same here.
It wasn't done in my bar mitzvah but I did end up with enough pen sets to stock a stationary store.
Here I thought we were just trying to be fair!
Yeah, I never got the agenda memo either.

ive been an atheist for 50 years and i've always wondered when i'd get mine

Christ. How long do we have to be vested, before they let us into the inner circle? :-(




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