Pagans are using homosexuals in a plot "to wipe out Christianity

Fascist movements require "enemies" to focus the fear and anger of their followers on. For the politicized Christianity of the Religious Right, minorities like pagans and the LGBT community work very well. What follows are a few examples of this tactic by spokespersons of the Religious Right from Oct. 3-4th.


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Love that one group name, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality ...



actually, i think we get the memo after we die
AFTA - isn't that the Association For Temperate Agroforestry?  Why do people who grow nut trees hate gays?
All you people say you didn't get the memo?  Did you forget the sitcom Ellen, where it was revealed that gays/lesbians get toasters for converting people?  This is serious, people!  They're getting TOASTERS!
It didn't say what atheists get, though.

Conservative columnist Monte Kuligowski wrote today in Renew America that the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell will help “sink the country” because God will stop protecting America “when the official position of the state is the thumbing of the nose at God.”


Congratulations on having the exact same philosophy as the WBC.

I'll ask the same question of him that I asked in another group.  "You mean God was PROTECTING us on September 11th?"
i always thot love yer neighbor and love tyer enemas and judge not lest ye be judged were more more central to the christian xer message then then gaynes is an abomination or fetuses are beloved pf god (where does it say that)? so if sumpins gonna piss him opoff wouldn't it be the war in Iraq???
Loving enemas is a bit extreme.  Hygiene is important but I don't think jesus said anything about high colonics.  Maybe in the apocrypha?  "Cleanliness is next to godliness."
LMAO!  You are too funny, Biped.  It just goes to show that Jesus does indeed love your colon. Now, I'm really glad I'm not a xtian.  This sounds like one of those xtian love things I can do without.


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