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Is anyone supposed to be seriously surprised about Palin's reaction to this?  Wonder how she'd feel if we substituted quotes from Christopher Hitchens instead!

Damn!  I was starting to forget that woman existed!  Fortunately the prayer cards were just in 1st class.  Coach passengers like me could just go to hell, I guess.

In 2008 I seriously hoped the existence of Sarah Palin was just a rumor.

Ah, but Palin begat Santorum, and Santorum begat Bachmann, and Bachman begat Perry and and and ....

What next?  What rock should we pick up to discover the next beastie?  I shudder.

Oh, we don't have to pick up any rocks.  The GOP does it all the time.  Where do you suppose the current nominees came from?

Primordial slime?

Me too.  And I continue  to hope that recurrent reports of Palin sightings are similar to those of Sasquatch, "an ape-like cryptid that purportedly inhabits forests, mainly in the Pacific Northwest region of North America".  Unfortunately, the photographic evidence for the "Sarahpalin" is difficult to dispute.

Also not surprised.  It's interesting that she says the cards are nondenominational, too.  Maybe, but they're not nonsectarian.  Not everybody embraces the psalms, and bashing in babies heads and stuff.  What if they did cards with quotations from Song of Songs (Song of Solomon), instead?  Perhaps with pictures?  I'm thinking of verses like Song of Songs 8: 10 where it says "my breasts are like towers."  That's nondenominational, too!  And it's also awesome!  Almost all men and some women, regardless of religious outlook,  can agree to sentiments like that!

You want breasts like towers?  Here ya go!

Oh, is that what she was going for? She was just trying to be a good Christian?

Isn't that what she's always going for?  Well, that and the power to force everyone else to be Christian, too...




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