The Neumann sentence has been handed down. As predicted by Good Reason News writer Billy Deaton, they received far less than 5 years. Only 6 months jail (10 years probation). Here's the AP link.

"A central Wisconsin couple who prayed rather than seek medical care for their 11-year-old dying daughter were sentenced Tuesday to six months in jail and 10 years probation in the girl's death.

Dale and Leilani Neumann could have received up to 25 years in prison for the March 2008 death of Madeline Neumann, who died of an undiagnosed but treatable form of diabetes. They were convicted of second-degree reckless homicide in separate trials earlier this year."

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Hopefully they've been scared shitless already and won't try it again once they're out.
Nope, they're trying to appeal -- because the conviction was wrong.
Nothing fails like prayer... poor little girl. Just goes to show how religion and ignorance kill. It should be life in prison. I'll pray for their deaths though.
As I read the article I got madder, and madder, and madder.

Now I'm fucking pissed!

"The judge ordered the couple to serve one month in jail each year for six years so the parents can "think about Kara and what God wants you to learn from this." One parent would serve the term in March and the other in September.

The judge wants them to "think about Kara and what God wants you to learn from this?" WTF? It's like he's sent them to their room for not sharing a toy or throwing a tantrum. I've just learned there's a massively incompetent judge in Wisconsin. This is what Harris and Dawkins talk about when they say religion is given a pass. AAAAGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

I am not a vengeful person, I don't want these people to suffer "because they deserve it". They should be in prison and custody of the children they haven't killed yet should be given over to someone who isn't an incompetent, crazy loon. These people are dangerous their children, society, and themselves.

They never even expressed remorse in the courtroom. "I am guilty of trusting my Lord's wisdom completely. ... Guilty of asking for heavenly intervention. Guilty of following Jesus Christ when the whole world does not understand. Guilty of obeying my God," he said.

I need a stiff drink.
"think about Kara and what God wants you to learn from this?"

These asshats will probably go home, think real hard and decide that what they learned was that next time, besides praying even harder, they should be sure to not tell anyone else about their sick kid.

Didn't jeebus say to prey in private? Besides, that way, if their appeals to the non-existent don't work again, there won't be any pesky witnesses to rat them out.

Maybe the judge thought he was helping when he said ""God probably works through other people," Howard told the parents, "some of them doctors."" - in other words, you silly folks just don't have god's number, his healing hot line is an unlisted number that only doctors can have.
Oh sweet, all I have to do is feign religion and I can get away with killing a child!
What this article fails to mention is that they also lied to the court and got away with it. They asked to go to California to see a sick grandmother and instead went to Florida.
Do you have more details on this?
Okay, I got some details wrong. Here is the article
I think they have three more.
I'm sure it'll be years until they wake up out of the delusions their cult parents have forced on them and see just how fucked up this whole situation is. And if that's not enough a similar case happened today in Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA - A Northeast Philadelphia couple accused of praying for their sick 2-year-old rather than taking him to a doctor have been ordered to stand trial in the boy's death.

Authorities say Herbert and Catherine Schaible are members of a church that favors prayer over medical care. Police say the couple said they prayed for their son Kent for 10 days before he died of bacterial pneumonia on Jan. 24.

Municipal Judge Patrick Dugan on Wednesday called them loving parents who appear to be misguided. He ordered them to stand trial on charges including involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment.


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