Some parents seem to be slow learners. Having already lost a two year old by opting for a faith healing approach instead of a medical science one to cure it they evidently have now lost an infant as a result of the same choice. They were already on 10 years probation for involuntary manslaughter do to refusing to have the first one medically treated when they lost the second apparently for the same reason. Under the circumstances that existed it is hard to believe that socials services would have allowed them to have custody of the second especially in that it was only an infant. I guess that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. The faith healing approach to curing people has in fact been scientifically tested and proven ineffective. Per the article:


In one of the largest studies ever conducted, researchers at six major medical centers including Harvard and the Mayo Clinic looked at patient outcomes of prayer. The research, “Study of the Therapeutic Effects of Intercessory Prayer ‘STEP’ in Cardiac Bypass Patients,” was published in the American Heart Journal and conducted over the course of a decade. Nearly 2,000 cardiac surgery patients were randomly assigned to one of three conditions: one group was prayed for after being told they’d be prayed for; another group was prayed for after being told they may or may not be prayed for; and the third was not prayed for after being told the same thing. The results: the group that was prayed for did no better than the group that wasn’t prayed for. Intercessory prayer had no beneficial effect at all on recovery time, death rate, or other medical factors.

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This saddens me.

It does a bit more than just sadden me, Richard: it pisses me off ... because it means that adults who have control over their lives and their choice of treatment can force that choice onto a minor who may not only not have the understanding of the options available for curative action, but may DIE because he or she isn't empowered to exercise those options.

An adult certainly has the right to restrict him or herself from certain practices and cite their personal beliefs as a reason, and no one has the right to question that.  However, when these same adults force a child to follow their example, a child who hasn't had the time to develop the means to examine his parents' reasoning for THEIR choice, yet has it forced onto him, that child is being subjected to a grave disservice, certainly if it results in his death.

No child should be sentenced to deprivation of care because of a BELIEF.

Right you are Loren.  The idea that children are their parent's property (a popular assumption among the fundis ) and that they have sole dominion on the child's welfare including life and death decision, is criminal and should be treated as such.  I would include the anti-vac loons.  Many school districts require vaccination for a student to attend school but have an exception for those with religious objections - absolute nonsense.

Not just absolute nonsense, but that exception effectively puts a hole you could drive a truck through in the school's efforts to prevent contagion in a single stroke.  They (the school) think they're respecting religion when what they are really doing is Putting People At Risk.  If I were a parent (and I am - my kid's grown) and I learned of such an exception where my kid were going to school, bet the farm that I would raise hob and hell with the school administration about this matter.  Note, too: I would do so as much for the OTHER kids as for my own, never mind other parents, teachers and faculty.

This is yet one more example of faith and virtue being seen as equivalent, and because they are seen in that fashion, people can get HURT.  ENOUGH, ALREADY!

Sounds like it's time for a "PRAYER KILLS" campaign....could even be "PRAYER KILLS CHILDREN"




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