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As an ex-"patriot" there is ALLOT more of these crazies out there!

People like these guys are so scared of losing "liberites" that I can not believe one hasn't rised up and try to kill elected members yet.
Well, if they did kill someone (or even try to), they'd find out that they are in fact losing their liberties. The fear of going to prison is what keeps these people from killing, not fear of their sky-daddy...
Exactly. In their "hearts" they fear reality, not fantasy. I'm about to go with the Anti-Ray-Comfort concept: there are no real Christians, just atheists who won't admit the obvious truth due to fear of looking foolish.
I don't know... people like those Christians that starved their kid to death for not saying "amen" seem more like real Christians to me. Just like the bible says, they killed their insolent child. They didn't stone him, but they still killed him.
I did say "about to" but you have a point. From now on, only the murderers are true Christians.
I'll disagree, respectfully. I've sat in some "working up" sermons and "meetings". You get the feeling that nothing matters except for the "cause". "Worldly rules" have no meaning to some of these folks hyped up on their cause/relgion.
Sounds allot like Glen Beck!
Wow...just wow. He's dead on, this is inciting violence and he should be held accountable.
I'm sorry, I'm being lazy :P

Grandine Mussolini!

Happy? :P
Well, when your moral code is the most vile, vengeful, murderous book ever written, what do you expect?

Then they wonder where atheists get their morals.




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