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20 Pastors protested against Gunther von Hagens exhibiton of plastinated bodies in Berlin.
Their Motto: "Let the dead rest in peace!". A 66 year old woman who joined the protest is quoted: "Where the deceased are exhibited, ridiculed and made into puppets the same will be done to the living. Bodyworlds is a shameless seduction".

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The kind of sick fuck that seems to come almost exclusively from religious fanaticism.

You hit the nail on the head. These are the same dirty-minded individuals who scream "child porn" if a parent takes a pic of their naked infant in the bathtub.
What I find even more enraging is that they'll make all the fucking excuses in the world for members and leaders of their church for whatever their sexual deviancy.

Whether it's raping children or 'insulting god' by being gay; they have all the excuses in the world for the monsters that lead them, but the moment an outsider does something just barely provocative it's suddenly a crime against humanity.

Fuck them.
I saw Bodyworks when it came through Phoenix a few years ago. Ironically, just a couple weeks before I was to have major surgery, so I also got to see what I'll be looking like and where the surgeon's scalpel will be going from the inside out. Absolutely fascinating experience. My mind is still blown away by it!

I didn't encounter any whackjobs but I did notice that the embryo/fetus section was extremely well marked and curtained off.

And yes, all bodies are volunteers and fetuses died naturally. I can see the Xians making a stink about the fetus exhibit but the rest? WTF?!?

When I'm gone, science can do whatever it damn well pleases with my remains for the betterment of others. I won't be using them anymore.
Seriously, the place is called Bodies: the Exhibition -- what the fuck did they expect to find inside?
This is where I would like to walk into their church, then be all shocked and outraged that they're "shoving religion down my throat."
It's because they also have the competing belief in bodily resurrection -- I don't know how it works -- then again I don't really know how any form of double-think works.
Had the opportunity to visit a med school cadaver lab for several days when I was in High School. I think the "Eww" factor upon walking into a room full of corpses lasted about a second or two. From that point on, nothing but absolute fascination.

And the hospital a few weeks ago thought I was insane when I asked if they could take video or at least photos of my emergency surgery. How often does one get to see oneself from the inside out?
So they think it's perfectly normal to shove a camera up someone's ass or down their throat, then let them watch it, but they think you're insane because you want to watch your own surgery?!
I've had 2 surgeries in the past 3 years. Both docs were completely taken aback; no idea how to even respond. How is that so weird? We watch surgeries on Discovery Health, why not our own?
If I had to have any kind of surgery, I would like it documented on video for legal reasons if nothing else.

I'm very paranoid about anesthesiology.



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