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How Christian of him.

If alzheimers is like death, then why can't they euthanize patients that opt for that when they still have a sound mind?  I guess that would be a sin...


I wonder what he would have told a woman who wanted to divorce her husband.

If Pat Robertson didn't say stupid things once in a while, we would forget about his existence.  Marriage vows get ignored a lot of the time anyway, but maybe they should be changed to "In sickness and in health, except alzheimers...".


Robertson is either deluded, demented, or dishonest - possibly all three.  I worry about his followers more than I worry about him.  Are there really enough stupid people in the world to keep him rich and on the air?

Actually it sounds like HE might be coming down with the early stages of Alzheimers if he's going to think this is in line with family values.

There are lots of things that are "a kind" of death.  That guy is the father of all assholes.



Hypocrite. Hell I suppose if he wanted to divorce his wife over this kind of death. Divorce her after an orgasm. I believe the French call it the petit morte "little death"... but wait she's never had one of those.

It kinda sucks that I live less than 5 miles from this looney's college...but at least he does not teach there, from him we have nothing to learn but how to be a horrible human being.

So much for Christians having souls huh?  Apparently, Pat Robertson thinks you are only your brain.  How materialistic of him.
Pat Robertson is a shining example of what's good about religious fundamentalism... nothing.
So true.


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