Pat Robertson says Oklahoma earthquake a sign of the "End Times"

(11/7/11) The End is near... again. On The 700 Club today, Pat Robertson was asked about the earthquake that shook Oklahoma this weekend and what it portended. Robertson told viewers that they needed to "get right with the Lord" because the intensity of earthquake activity and the diverse places they were occurring could be a sign of the End Times(you can view a clip of Robertson's entire statement at the left):


"Jesus Christ said there would be earthquakes in diverse places and lo and behold we’re seeing an intensity of earthquake activity as the crust of the earth, which is floating all the time, it floats on the sea of magma, so these continents aren’t solid, they float and they move."


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I can't. Worlds are born and worlds die. That's as true for our world as any other. What I can say though is that religious versions of how it ends are among the least likely scenarios for it.

Does he have no chicken entrails to consult?


That idiot would attribute a hangnail to the coming of Armageddon ... and Armageddon SICK of Armageddon!

I new some one was going to say something about "11-7-11". BTW..did anyone notice that asteroit headded our way?!?!?


Yeah, I did notice it ... and right after it did, I had a vision of some old guy in the clouds, snapping his fingers and going, "DAMN!  MISSED!" [chortle!]

Asteroids, earthquakes, hangnails!  The omens, portents, auguries, and signs are harbingers of grave and mystical things which have yet to pass, but which will surely pass.  Lo, and verily I say unto thee, at the time of vespers, nary a fortnight past, I witnessed a mysterious discoloration in my very garments.

Ohhh, wait!  That was the rust stains in my BVD's.  Reminder to self - next time use bleach in the wash cycle.  Well, so much for end times, Amrageddon, and the destruction of life on earth.  Never mind folks.  Guess I've got to show up at work tomorrow.




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